Mr. Hariri’s Last Dance! by Mr. Adnan H. Aboukhalil

From the onset, President Aoun was mindful of the difficulties he will be facing all the way to and through the “electoral deliberation processes and procedures” to elect a new designated Prime Minister for the country; that ultimately what was behind his decision to postpone any deliberation, until general political consent is reached and comes into fruition – his decision wasn’t gratuitous!

President Aoun, however, repealed his decision and the “moratorium of discussions”, was short lived, since keeping people riled – up much longer, inevitably, will lead to further unpleasant social unrest – despite the fact that major political parties opted out of participating in the nomination of Mr. Hariri , as the sole candidate for the Prime Ministerial office.

Unfortunately, and undoubtedly, the Lebanese Political Parties implicitly or explicitly eventually are bound to accept Mr. Hariri as the country’s next PM, as they increasingly realize and find themselves in a precarious situation.

The factor of time is running out for any options to maneuver “Politically” due to the dire straits economic situation in the country; coupled with fact that, as a prelude to obtaining badly needed aid in the form of financial assistance from the international community – which set the formation of newly elected government as pre – requisite to providing any future help to the country.

The general public will be astounded, since the overwhelming prevailing sentiment continues to deem and perceive such action as reprehensible, when they learn that the formal prime minister Saad Hariri ultimately will be the sole an viable PM.

Mr. Hariri, who has a history of prolific economic failures for which he has been reviled and excoriated by vast majority of the public. He had been utterly mostly blamed for much of the country’s current economic disasters, since he had adopted economic policies that lead to rampant corruption and mismanagement, rather than reform and development during his tenures in power – This is for a country that stands on the brink of collapse and on the cliff of abyss closer to hell!

In retrospect, Mr. Hariri, after sidestepping and cooped up at home, he suddenly heralds his candidacy to the PM position; while some politicians drum – up support around him, others simply disavowed.

My main take away from this is that Mr. Hariri adamantly does not want his supporters to reproach he and rebuke him for backing off when he is needed the most. Accordingly, he will be trying to do all he can to mitigate the pain and suffering, and to prevent any irreparable political implications and ramifications – something which would be almost equal to the Harbinger of Doom or “ political suicide”.

In the race to abyss there is always a silver lining somewhere, and I can see one! I am emphatically believed that preserving the legacy of his late father, Mr. Saad Hariri genuinely possesses a sense of disposition to pay a penance and bet on his political future to save the FUTURE! This time without any pitfalls!

It’s Mr. Hariri’s Last Dance – for the sake of our country, the best of all luck!

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