May 29, 2017   01:09 am
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مجتمع وناس
ذكرى زواج وائل ونهى شرف الدين
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قربك حنان مقبوع على أزقة الجوارح ودعمك وئام لحياة مليئة بالأفراح بحسّ وجودك، فالعمر بطيبتك انتصار للإرتباط والحب وحماسة للإستمرار في خطى العشق بل وأكثر...

احتفل السيد وائل شرف الدين وزوجته نهى بغدادي بذكرى زواجهما الخامس والعشرين ، على أمل أن تكون الأيام القادمة مليئة بالسعادة  كما الآن الى آخر العمر.

ومن موقع صوت الفرح نتمنى للزوجين التكلل بعطر المحبة والنجاح في حياتهم..

يلفت موقع صوت الفرح إلى أنه ليس مسؤولاً عن التعليقات التي ترده ويأمل من القرّاء الكرام الحفاظ على إحترام الأصول واللياقات في التعبير، ويحتفظ بعدم نشر أي تعليق يتضمن قدحاً أو ذمّاً أو تشهيراً أو تجريحاً أو شتائم.
farah naser - tyre
One by one each year flew by, since you both said 'I do' 25 years of memories, shared by the two of you. From big events and holidays, to simple daily pleasures. Some tearful times along lifes way, some joys that cant be measured. One by one each year now gone, but still theyre yours forever each and every memory, of a quarter Century together! Happy Silver Anniversary.

Mariam Baghdadi - Lebanon
la a7la w a8la couple bl denii killaaa NOHA and WAEL betmanelkonn en kel albi l sa3ade l abadeye w l 3aysh l karimm ma3 jami3 a7be2kon w wledkon w nshala kel sene w ento b alff 5err

Batoul - London
in your 25th anniversary i would like to tell you how much i love u my precious uncle and auntie.. u mean the world to me and I really have never seen or met a couple that share the love both of u havee.. its just wonderful and ideal . U r so luckyy to havee each other and lastly I wishh u all the bestt in ur lives and may God bless u .... LOVEE YOU SOOOOO MUCHHH <3 <3 <3

Eman - lebanon
La a7la 3amo w 5alto bl denii Alahh y5alekoun la ba3d w nsala ma tfere2 l basme l hilwii wjohkoun ya rabb bhanikon mn kl albii 3a hyda l hob l ra2e3 yalle 3am yekbar mn 25 sene w ba3doo w betmanelkon kel l hana wel sa3ade bl snin l jeyy w 3a2bel ma tefra7o bel sabeya wl shabeb.... bhibkon ktirrr <3

Hussein charafeddine - London
To the beautiful couple in all the land,May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.Happy Anniversary to best Mum and DAD.

زنوبيا بغدادي - سينغال دكار
تحية من القلب إلى توأم روحي يا حياتي إنتو إنتو منبع ألحنان والحب والبسمةالصادقة أطال الله عمركم وكل سنة وإنتو بخير وعقبال الشباب وعقبال الأميرة زازا نور العيون

mohamad sharafeddine - London
To the beautiful couple in all the land,May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.Happy Anniversary to my brother and wife NOHA.

mohamad khalife - United Kingdom
All my love for you FREE!wishinguaveryhappyANNIVERSARY...to WAEL and NOHA.

zainab sharafeddine - london
Best wishes to you both on your anniversary,May the love that u share Last your lifetime through,As u make a wonderful pair.Happy Wedding Anniversary,to wael and Noha with all my Love

حسن بغدادي - ألمانيا
تحية من القلب إلى زوج العصافير المغرد منذ ٢٥ سنة وما زال..... الله يخليكن لبعض وعقبال الشباب والأميرة حببت قلبي

zahraa charafeddine - london
wordsss can never express how blessed i am to have parents like you in my life♥ In your 25th anniversary i would like to tell you something that everyone would agree with me on, the love you share with each other is justtt sooo unconditional, i have never met a couple in my life that share the love both of u havee its justtt unexplainable and soo perfect. U are luckyy to havee each other and I hope your love continues to groww over the years. I hope one day i can have someone who loves me the same way you love each other HAPPYYY 25TH ANNIVERSARYYYY ♥ ♥ I LOVEE YOUUUUUUU ♥

wael sharafeddine - London
On this special occasion of our 25 Anniversary my Expression is beyond my feeling we shared a Love that is old and yet so New so worthy and pure .Noha you are my Queen,my Jewels in my crown the earth provides me what i need to live but you provide me with my reason to Live..I could search my whole life through and through and never find another YOU NOHA..

wael sharafeddine - London
On this Occasion i like to thank Sawt Al farah for making us feel young again and may Happiness be your Guide and your spirit stay strong and never have ending hope.

  • michel (lebanon):مرحباً. كيف حالكم اصدقائي؟
  • sandy (lebanon):مرحبا جميعاً
  • Ahmad sabraoui (Sour):Nchallah 3a salemi ya sara sabraoui
  • Wael sharafeddine (London):Birthdays comes and goes but Sawt al Farah forever will stay with us
  • mhamad tahawi (berlin alwasta):salam